Unlock Safe and Repair

Unlock Safes & Repair Here in the Los Angeles area, there are a LOT of different kinds of people. There’s everyone from the millionaire who has to keep his jewels locked away in a safe to the housebreaking criminal who attempts to steal the jewels from that very safe. To handle all the people, home […]

Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Drawer and Cabinet Locks There are many reasons for wanting to lock drawers and cabinets, at home and at businesses. It is true that most cabinets and drawers are not fitted with any locks at all, but in virtually any home and most definitely in any place of business you will find some locked, or […]

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems Apartments, residential homes and businesses are bound to be burglarized at some time or another.  And unfortunately, the police are unable to prevent most break-ins.  Therefore, we all need to take responsibility and partake in the protection of our own homes and businesses. Having been the victim of a burglary I know […]

open a safe

How to open a safe

How to open a safe There are several reasons why a safe needs to be cracked, disregarding criminal safe attack. You may have lost the keys to your safe, or forgotten the combination, the lock may be malfunctioning and giving you trouble, there may have been a burglary attempt which has left your safe incapacitated. […]

Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools The Locksmith Tools of the Trade There are certain tools that every locksmith should carry with them at all times. These tools are responsible for duplicating car keys, prying car doors open, safely removing ignition keys jammed inside the ignition and emergency lockout solutions. Locksmiths rely on many objects to help them get […]

Window Locks

Window Locks in LA Different Types of Window Locks Windows can provide easy access for an anxious burglar. It’s extremely important to carefully lock and secure each window in your home. Burglars are constantly on the lookout for an easy target, and it all begins with an unlocked window. Burglars will not take the risk […]