Green Locksmith LA Client Testimonials

Customer Satisfaction is a Top Priority at Green Locksmith Los Angeles!

Our locksmith company has been consistent in being reliable and providing affordable locksmith services to everyone in LA through the years, and here are some customer testimonials to prove that:

“I called Locksmith Los Angeles to open a vault in my room that I forgot the code to, goodness. I was really really worried at first because I had a lot of important things inside, and I needed to retrieve a few documents. Thankfully, a friend gave me their number, so I called them right away and they arrived pretty quickly, I was amazed. They opened the safe without destroying the lock, and they also helped me reset the code and gave me other quick tips as well. I am very satisfied with their service.”

Greg Simmons

“I was running late for school the other day and just imagine my panic when I couldn’t find my car keys! I asked my dad and he told me to call Locksmith Los Angeles and they came, in, like, 30 minutes or something. They actually made me duplicates for my keys right in front of me. I was pretty amazed, I wasn’t even late for school. Very cool.”

Holly Underwood

“I’d wanted to have my garage door locks replaced, because I’m becoming afraid what with all the neighborhood robberies I’ve been hearing of. Only thing is, I don’t know any good locksmith company that’d cater to the special lock type installations I want. I asked one of my good friends and she gave me the number of Locksmith Los Angeles and they basically just listened to my request and did everything spot-on. Now I know who to call every time I want a new lock installed to secure my house.”

Drew Turner

“Locksmith Los Angeles has really affordable services that don’t break my budget. They come on time all the time, too. I’ve recommended them to my friends and neighbors.”

Jane Mathison

“I don’t know any other locksmith company who does the job better than Locksmith Los Angeles. These guys are simply the best. I give them a 10/10! I always call them for when I need a few quick fixings around the house.”

Steve Sanders