Window Locks in LA

Different Types of Window Locks

Windows can provide easy access for an anxious burglar. It’s extremely important to carefully lock and secure each window in your home. Burglars are constantly on the lookout for an easy target, and it all begins with an unlocked window. Burglars will not take the risk of entering your home if your windows are securely shut. There are many different types of window locks to choose from. There are also home security alarm systems and motion sensors. Motion sensors are very sensitive, and can be triggered easily. They are typically inexpensive, and can save you a lot of headache when you’re not home. Here is a list of the various window locks you can choose from. You can contact a professional locksmith to help install them for you:

  • Hinged Wedge Locks – The hinged wedge lock offers two functions to double-hung windows. When securely in place, the hinged lock prevents the window from fully opening. The window opens only as far as where the lock has been installed. The hinged lock can push inward towards the window to allow the window to completely slide open. This can be a nightmare for a would-be burglar, as they will not spend the hassle or time to pry the window open.
  • Sliding Window Locks – Sliding window locks are easy to install, and mount onto either side of the track by twisting a wing nut in place to mount it securely to the window. The sliding window locks that are not permanent require no tools for assembly and give you the choice of leaving the windows slightly open but still securely locked into place. You will need to remove the lock with a key before opening the window.
  • Folding Locks – Folding locks mount to the top window of a double-hung window and permit the window to open slightly. Folding locks also provide air circulation without jeopardizing your safety. This means that with the folding locks securely in place, you can still get that fresh breeze of air, while keeping the windows fully secured.
  • Keyed Sash Locks – Keyed sash locks work efficiently with double-hung windows. They mount to the side of the window or window sash, and require a key to open and close. Once the keyed sash is in place, you must remove the lock with the key to open the window.
  • Window Latch Locks – The window latch lock is the most common lock seen in windows. The window latch lock attaches to one window and securely connects to another window when closed. It works by turning the handle on the latch to lock the windows into place. Window latch locks are inexpensive, and can be purchased at any local hardware store.

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