Master key system – what exactly is it?

Master key system method is designed to grant different levels of access to different people by controlling the keys they are using. The beauty of the system is that a single key mustn’t open a single lock. Some keys can open several locks, or they can open each and every lock within the building.

This way building owners can control which areas each and every one of their tenants or employees can access.

This system is especially effective when it comes to office buildings, residential complexes, government institutions, hospitals, or any other building which necessitates greater access and security control.

Why should you install a master key system?

Every building owner who wants to control the access to different parts of the building should install a master key system and enjoy several important benefits:

Convenience of use: instead of carrying around a ring with dozens of keys attached to it, you can walk around with a single key that can release each and every lock within the building. This means less keys getting lost, getting damaged, or otherwise causing trouble.

Access control: by implementing this method you can easily control each and every tenant’s, resident’s, or employee’s access to parts of the building. You can decide to grant them greater access or to limit their access to a single door. Those you need to be able to access the entire building can simply use the master key and enjoy total freedom.

Customization and flexibility: by using this system you can create your own tailored security and control system according to your specific and unique needs. You do not have to make do with an off the shelf solution, but rather fashion the solution according to your needs.

Who should install your master key system?

Since we are talking about controlling the access and security of your building you should only trust professionals to install your master key system. Only certified locksmiths will be able to completely customize the system in accordance with your needs and to install it with the required precision and proficiency. Such professionals will also be able to provide you with ongoing maintenance services for your new master key system.

Master key system specialists in Los Angeles

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